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First, I would like greet everybody on the forum, in particular those people who accept my presence and who have introduced me to participation.

My name is Martin Kukuczka and I come from a rather "faraway country" - Poland. I live in the south near the Czech border about 80 kilometres from Wadowice where late Pope John Paul II was born.

I am a Roman Catholic and direct my attention more towards the traditions of the Church rather than innovations. However, I highly respect the Second Vatican Council, in particular its emphasis on interreligious dialogue. As a young adult, I'd say after the Holy Father's Motu Proprio that I find the beauty in both the Mass of Pius V and the New Mass of Paul VI. Therefore, ecumenism without losing tradition is what appeals to me. Being interested in the history of the Catholic Church, I love reading papal documents, looking for archives and getting to know constantly new information about the Popes of the 20th century, including Saint Pius X, "Pastor Angelicus" Pius XII, the "Good Pope" John XXIII but foremost about great John Paul II and present Holy Father Benedict XVI.

The good news about Josef Ratzinger's election in 2005 was a great birthday present for me and I must admit that I am growing in respect for him because of his clear steps as the Supreme Pontiff. What makes me happy, in particular, is his acceptance of the old rites and the fruitful cooperation with Ecclesia Dei, established by John Paul II in 1988 and led by one of my favourite cardinals, His Eminence Dario Castrillon Hoyos.

Reading the homilies of the Holy Father makes my day and praying for him fills my heart with particular love to the Peter illuminating the dawn of the 21st century.

What more to say about myself? I like travelling, history and foreign languages. I work as a teacher and a lecturer of English studies. Something different than ecclesiastical knowledge; yet, it is different targets Christians can set their heart on and sanctify them through the Grace of our Lord.

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